Your pilgrimage day will begin with a prayer and an introduction to the grounds, including location of restrooms, cafeteria, gift shop and Shrine Park.

SrDionne BroAngleo

Visit and pray in the Basilica and Original Shrine Church, shop in the Gift Shop, walk around the 30 acre Shrine Park, and pray the Stations of
the Cross.

Convenient parking is available.

Teachers and School Groups
I would be very happy to work with you to arrange a program that would best fit the needs of you and your students. Perhaps you have a First Communion class, Confirmation class, or a field trip to make this year and you are looking for a spiritual place to spend your day of pilgrimage. We can make your day meaningful and memorable at this holy place dedicated to the honor of Mary the Mother of God under the title of Our Lady of Consolation.

Feel free to call our office (419) 396-7107 to discuss the details of scheduling a pilgrimage. To help the process, the following information is presented for your use in planning. Please review the information below in advance of your call.

Planning information for Adult or Student Groups
Pilgrimage Date requested
Number of Persons in Group/Students and grade
Lunch options
Arrival and Departure Times
Contact Person Name, Address, Telephone, and if available, email address

The Basilica is a place of healing and countless blessings through the intercession of Mary, Our Lady of Consolation. We hope and pray that here, in this sacred place, all who come before this humble statue of Mary may find faith, hope and healing to continue this pilgrimage of life which is a journey to join our heavenly Father in heaven.

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Phone: 419-396-7107