What is a Retreat?

Retreat House

It’s a time out or a pause in your regular day-to-day activities and responsibilities. Time to stop, look, listen to God and to examine your relationship with God.

The retreats at OLC Retreat House are organized with enough flexibility to help you deepen your faith in your own way. Although some retreat formats vary, there is usually a central theme presented and carried through a series of programs and activities.

There is time for solitude and meditation and an opportunity for rest, relaxation, and friendship. It is a time for prayer and renewal, as well as for learning. A well-planned mix of various liturgies, workshops, and free time helps develop the theme and provides something to bring home with you when you leave Our Lady of Consolation Retreat House.

Behold I make all things new. – Revelations 21:5

Below you’ll find a list of retreats scheduled for the coming months. For more information about planning retreat, or to register for a scheduled retreat, please call 419-396-7970 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


*Bold denotes retreats open to everyone. Others are closed to the general public.




1-4 St. Mary's Byzantine Women's Retreat
9-12 Ladies TEC #439
16-19 Gentlemen's TEC #440
23-25 OLC Confirmation Retreat


6-9 Ladies TEC #441
13-15 St. Mary's Youth Retreat
20-22 Men's Serenity Retreat
26-29 Opus Sanctorum Angelorum Retreat


11-13 Men's Serenity Retreat
18-20 Secular Franciscan Retreat


1-3 Summer Spiritual Quilting Retreat
16-24 Eagle Eye Institute Teen Retreat
29-July 1 Laudato-Si Creation Centered Retreat


6-8 Men's & Women's Retreat


4-5 Antoinette Polombo Pilgrimage
6-14 Novena for the of the Assumption of Mary


8-9 Kollros Pilgrimage
21-23 Fall Spiritual Quilting Retreat


4-7 Men's Spanish Cursillo
12-14 Men's Serenity Retreat
18-21 Women's Spanish Cursillo
25-28 Men's ACT Retreat


7-10 St. Peter's Kairos
13-16 St. Mary's Kairos


7-9 Annual Christmas Family Retreat


*Bold denotes retreats open to everyone. Others are closed to the general public.