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Letters/Testimonials from our Pilgrims

FleurDeLeisWe receive many wonderful letters from friends and visitors testifying to the power of prayer and of visiting the Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation. Please read these stories and feel free to share yours with us.


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J.F., Ohio

Dear Brother Jeffrey,

I visited the Shrine on my birthday on August 8 and asked for a petition for good results for a surgical procedure I was to have in two days… I had advanced uterine cancer and needed a hysterectomy.

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F.G., California

Dear Brother Jeffrey,

In 1999 I was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. I took 33 radiation treatments and 400 hours of chemotherapy. The cancer came back. I then took more chemo and radiation, but the cancer remained. All of the doctors said there was nothing more they could do for me. They would not operate as only a few people survive that type of surgery.

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E.R.S., Ohio

Dear Brother Jeffrey,

[My family] traveled often to the Shrine with our four children, being grateful to the Lord for our daughter’s bone disease being cured. In July of 1977 we decided to take the trip again, this time bringing my parents along. After praying and touring the grounds, we decided to eat at the Cafeteria. We entered the Cafeteria and picked a table. With the exception of my mother, we all left the table to check the menu and go to the restrooms.

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M.A.O., Ohio
Dear Father,

In 1979, my husband had a cancer operation on the inside of his mouth. The surgeons removed part of his jaw and cheek. A year later, the doctor was forced to remove another tumor from his throat and all of the lymph glands. It was anticipated that his voice box would also have to be removed. His condition grew worse. He was ravaged by a relentless cough.

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J.D., Michigan

Dear Friars,

In 1954, while in the second grade, my nephew came home from school with the sad news that he could not see very well. This was verified by his teachers. His school work had fallen off. Because of the seriousness of the ailment his parents took him to an eye specialist. The diagnosis was inflamed and swollen optic nerves, by which the boy was losing his vision.

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