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Letters/Testimonials from our Pilgrims

FleurDeLeisWe receive many wonderful letters from friends and visitors testifying to the power of prayer and of visiting the Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation. Please read these stories and feel free to share yours with us.


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J.J.R., Ohio

Dear Friars,

Please accept or annual donation to the Shrine for continued support. This year our gift is being given in memory of my grandfather, who just departed this life on 12/23.

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J.F., Toledo

Dear Friars,

I was at your Shrine about 3 years ago. My daughter, 41 years old, was in a horrible accident. Her whole side was broken. They did not know if she would ever walk again. Thanks to Our Lady of Consolation, prayers from her family, friends and church and wonderful medical help, 14 operations on her leg and foot, she has finally started back to her old job with a promotion. She is now going on to college again to get her masters degree in nursing.

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T.M. Michigan

Dear Lady of Consolation:

I would like to update you on my brother’s condition, and at the same time thank you.

On St. Patrick’s Day 2005 my younger brother came to my house and told me that his physical examination had not gone well. The doctor found something suspicious on his chest X-ray.

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T.C.M.W., Michigan

Dear Friars,

It was August 15, 1981, when my grandmother urged me to come along to the Shrine with her on the bus. That afternoon, I asked Father Ralph to pray over me. My grandmother told him of my health problems and that I had seizures due to a brain tumor. Since that time I have had no seizures and have been taken off of all medications. The doctors said the tumor is gone and they do not know why… but I do. God took it away because Mary asked Him to do so.

Thank you Mother Mary. I love you!

T.C.M.W., Michigan

D.L., Michigan PDF Print E-mail

Dear Brother Jeffrey,

My first trip to Our Lady of Consolation Shrine was on our Blessed Mother’s feast day, August 15, 1974. That was a crucial time in my life. I was a young mother of two small children and was faced with a doctor’s prognosis that looked very grim.

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