1     Mary Mother of God, Mass 10 am

6     Ash Wednesday, Mass 7, 8:30, 11 am & 7 pm
       Fridays: Stations of the Cross 7 pm (8, 15, 22 & 29)
       Fridays: Lenten Fish Fry - 4:30 pm - 7 pm

       Fridays: Stations of the Cross, 7 pm (5 & 12)
       Fridays: Lenten Fish Fry, 4:30 pm - 7 pm
13   Albanian Pilgrimage Day, Mass 11 am
18    Holy Thursday, 7 pm
19    Good Friday Musical Reflection 12 pm
19    Stations of the Cross, Shrine Park 3 pm
19    Good Friday Liturgy , 7 pm
20    Holy Saturday, Mass 8:30 pm
21    Easter Sunday Mass, 9 & 11 am (no Devotions)


3     Mass for those afflicted by Cancer, 7 pm
5     May Crowning at Devotions, 1:30 pm
25   Feast of Our Lady of Consolation, 11 am

23   Corpus Christi Eucharistic Procession, 1:30 pm

13    Filipino Pilgrimage Day, Mass 11 am

6-14 Novena of the Assumption
14    Candlelight procession with Vigil Mass, 9 pm
15    Solemnity of the Assumption


8     Birth of Mary

29   Family Pilgrimage Day

3     Transitus of St. Francis, 7 pm
4     Feast of St. Francis
7     Our Lady of the Rosary
11   Cancer Mass for Hope & Healing, 7 pm
13   Feast of St. Gerard Majella, Mass, 11 am
     (expectant parents or those trying to conceive)

1     All Saints Day Mass, 7, 8:30 & 11 am & 7 pm
2     All Souls Day Mass, 11 am
28   Thanksgiving Day Mass, 9 am

8     Ecumenical Christmas Concert, 4:30 pm
9     Immaculate Conception Mass, 11 am
24    5 pm (Family Mass), Midnight Mass, (12 am)
25   Christmas Day Mass, 10 am

Perpetual Mass Cardperpetual inside

In the Our Lady of Consolation Perpetual Mass Association for perpetual remembrance in Prayer and in Monthly Mass for the Deceased
The suggested offering is $10 per enrollment and is sent when the Enrollment Card is used.

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Vigil Light Cardvigil light inside

Simply share the Vigil Light Card with the person you would like remembered in prayer.
The suggested offering is $5 for each Vigil Light requested and is sent only when Vigil Light Card is used.

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Mass Card 0002mass card inside

The enrolled person will be remembered in a Mass celebrated by a member of the Conventual Franciscan Community of the Province of Our Lady of Consolation.
The suggested offering is $10 for each Mass requested and is sent only when Mass Card Card is used.

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During this year, a theme the Franciscans will be developing at the Shrine is “Our Journey with Our Blessed Mother.  I am challenging you, to view your life in faith, hope and love, just as our Blessed Mother viewed her life.  Mary trusted, Mary kept all things in her heart, Mary was the Sorrowful Mother, Mary forgave, Mary loved and Mary’s life called on her to respond in faith, hope and love.  Mary is a model for life. 

Reflect upon your own life, your own happiness, your sorrows and all your challenges in light of the life of our Blessed Mother.  She has much to teach us.  She is also the mighty intercessor to help us in life.

We invite you to join us at the 12:00 noon Mass throughout this year for our “Journey with our Blessed Mother.

Msgr. Michael Hohenbrink, former Pastor of Saint Michael's Parish/School, Findlay, Ohio will be the celebrant October 1st.


May 21 - Fr. David Ross, Pastor and Preacher from St. Rose Parish, Lima, Ohio
June 11 - Fr. David Endres, Pastor and writer of the History of Miracles at Our Lady of Consolation
July 16 - Bishop Daniel Thomas, Bishop for the Diocese of Toledo, Ohio
August 6 - Fr. Paul Gawlowski, OFM Conv., Novena Preacher and Pastor
September 3 - Bishop John Stowe, OFM Conv., Bishop of the Diocese of Lexington Kentucky and former Pastor and Rector of the Shrine
October 1 - Msgr. Michael Hohenbrink,  former Pastor of Saint Michael's Parish/School, Findlay, Ohio

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9:45 am         Confessions in the Lower Basilica (English & Albanian)
11:00 am       Albaian Pilgrimage Mass in the Upper Basilica
12:00 noon    Lunch in the Shrine Cafeteria
12:30 pm       Visit the Shrine Gift Shop, Shrine Memorial Park,
                           Meditation Walks to Christ the King Grotto
1:30 pm         Devotions to Our Lady in the Upper Basilica
                           - Marian Hymn
                           - Enrollment in Confraternity of Our Lady
                           - Rosary Procession inside the Basilica
                           - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
                           - Scripture Proclamation & Homily
                           - Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
                           - Prayers for Healing
                           - Individual Blessing with the Relic of the True Cross
2:45 pm         Farewell Blessing on your bus