During January 1918, a woman was taken ill and for months lay like paralyzed, her condition being diagnosed as major hysteria.

From her home she was later removed to a hospital, thence to a sanitarium, and finally to the State Hospital for the Insane, regarded as a hopeless case.

During May of that year her father made a pilgrimage to the Shrine at Carey for her.  After this she began to improve and during July, 1918, she was allowed to be taken home.

On the morning of September 6, 1918 she awoke and as she says, "as if my sickness was taken away from me by some hand from above".  And she had no relapse thereafter.

On November 4, 1922 by special request, the same specialist who had been called in at the beginning, examined her and declared:  "she seems perfectly well in every way".

During that same month she was married and  August 8, 1923 she wrote:  "We still do and always will thank Our Mother of Consolation at Carey for my miraculous recovery.