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Bipolar Miracle
After six long years of debilitating Bipolar Disorder I considered making a trip to Our Lady of Consolation. I had anger, anxiety and a deep rooted hurt that bound me up like a caged animal. I could not break out of this clouded darkness that hovered over our family and home. My wife stayed by my side despite a very unpleasant living environment. I went to Our Lady of Consolation with an open mind that this was to be my cross to bear I would do so in and for God’s glory, but I just wanted my family to be around a happy dad and for my wife to have a fun husband once again.
 The day I left the Shrine I felt peaceful and my heart did not race like it always had done before. Every ounce of mean-spirited, angry and spiteful feeling that had previously filled my being was lifted. I went home and it took some time for my wife to believe that a true miracle of this sort could take place so close to her and our children. But each day has slowed down for me and I cherish the new life God has given me.
 There is no doubt I have been healed of this horrid disease of the mind. I encourage everyone to know all things are truly possible with God. Thanks for giving me back my family and my family back to me through faith, hope and prayer, Lord!
 BB Ohio

Mass Schedule

Easter-Oct. 31
Sunday 8 AM,
10 AM, 12 PM
Saturday 7 AM, 11 AM & 5:30 PM

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