This year at the Basilica & National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation, Carey, Ohio the Franciscan Friars we will be focusing on the theme of “Consolation” at the Shrine.  “Consolation” can and will take on many forms.  We know ultimately that God is the source of all consolation.  But we turn to Our Blessed Mother for her intercession and help for our journey to consolation.  Mary knew pain and sorrow at so many points in her life.  She carried all this within her heart – misunderstanding, a broken heart, a troubled mind, fears and pain. Yet through the Cross and the Holy Spirit she lived with a freedom to trust and respond in faith, hope and love to all that life brought her.  
Mary knew God’s consolation and it has become a source of consolation for each of us.  We will be reflecting upon our lives, our sorrows and all the challenges of life.  Mary can teach us about consolation for she is the mighty intercessor to help us in life.

 We invite you to join us at the noon Mass on the below scheduled Sundays, for our “Consolation” series.

Schedule / Celebrants
May 20—Fr. Jim Sichko
June 3—Fr. Scott Woods
July 1—Fr. Jim Sichko
September 9—Fr. Jim Sichko
October 14—Bishop John Stowe