During this year, a theme the Franciscans will be developing at the Shrine is “Our Journey with Our Blessed Mother.  I am challenging you, to view your life in faith, hope and love, just as our Blessed Mother viewed her life.  Mary trusted, Mary kept all things in her heart, Mary was the Sorrowful Mother, Mary forgave, Mary loved and Mary’s life called on her to respond in faith, hope and love.  Mary is a model for life. 

Reflect upon your own life, your own happiness, your sorrows and all your challenges in light of the life of our Blessed Mother.  She has much to teach us.  She is also the mighty intercessor to help us in life.

We invite you to join us at the 12:00 noon Mass throughout this year for our “Journey with our Blessed Mother.”The most Reverend Daniel E. Thomas is the eighth Bishop for the Diocese of Toledo and will be the celebrant July 16th.