Gentle Mother, be with me as I pray during this very special time of the year.  Bless me and pray with me, dear Mother, as I contemplate with such wonder, this glorious feast of Christmas.

Lead me, Mary, to the cave at Bethlehem.  Guide me to see through faith-filled eyes, this wonderful event of God, this gift of Christ to all humanity.  Help me to greater humility as I glance about this poor and cold cave furnished with straw and wood.  May I grow in patience as I see you and Joseph accepting the discomfort of a winter night in lodging prepared for animals.

May my charity increase as I see the tenderness with which you receive the shepherds in their awe, the disturbance they bring to this night of mystery and holiness.  Pray for me, Mary, for an increase of love as I fall to my knees before the crib of Him who is Everlasting Love.

I am so humbled when I recall this moment of ultimate grace for humanity, this ultimate grace for me.  My God comes to me as a little child, poor and cold in the darkness of a cave.  This King of Kings reaches out from His manger to give to a longing world His love and redemption from our sin.

Blessed Lady, may I live out my days here on earth filled with the spirit of that first Christmas night.  May this wonderful scene be ever in my heart that I might live as a true child of God, following the teachings of that tiny Babe, Christ our Lord.