One day in spring, I met a woman on the steps of the Basilica in Carey. She introduced herself as “One of Mary’s Special Children.” I asked her why she gave herself that particular title. She smiled warmly and told me the following story:

“Five years ago, it was determined by my doctor that I had a malignant tumor at the base of my nose. Several of the sinus cavities were involved. My doctor further told me that in order to remove the tumor, my nose had to be removed first. I was heartsick. I asked my husband to drive me to the Shrine on the next Sunday. We participated in Mass in the morning, then remained for the Pilgrimage Devotions in the afternoon.

After devotions, I poured out my heart before that beautiful statue of Our Lady of Consolation. I begged our Blessed Mother to pray for me, to touch me and to heal me if at all possible. At the proper time I moved to one of the Friars standing near the altar rail, told him my story, and asked him to pray with me. He did so and touched me with a relic of the True Cross of our Beloved Lord.

The following Tuesday I checked into my nearby hospital and was taken down to the x-ray department to have further x-rays before the doctors proceeded with the surgery. I returned to my room, where, a short time later, both of my doctors came into my room. They told me that there was no need for the surgery. On all of the x-rays taken that morning, the tumor was gone. It simply was not there! There was no need for the surgery!”

She continued her story by telling me that since that blessed day, she has made a promise to Our Lady that once every month, as long as she was able to do so, she would find a chapel or a church where there was a statue or a painting of Our Blessed Mother, just to make a special act of thanksgiving!

I thanked her for sharing her wonderful story with me. She turned and said goodbye. The last thing I heard her say to me was, “I will always be so very grateful!”